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What is JCI & Who Can Join?

The Junior Chamber International, popularly known as the "Jaycees" is the worlds largets leadership development organization for young people-representing nearly half a million members between the ages of 21 and 40 in more than 100 countries. A truly diverse organizationn of young people who are active in 5000 communities.

In the Philippines, the Philippine Jaycees was organized in 1947, the very first in asia. In General Santos City, JCIP General Santos "Twin Star" was founded in 1949 and is one of the oldest voluntary organization in the city.

We invite people who can to dedicate enough time to participate and make a difference in the organization.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization. An organization such as the JCI offers immense benefits as they stem from the four "Areas of Opportunity" available within the organization through which members can aquire of refine leadership skills and benefit society.


To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.


To be the leading global network of young active citizens.

JCI Creed

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life
That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations
That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise
That government should be of laws rather than of men
That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality
And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

Our History


2nd Millenniium, 2nd Generation Jaycees: The Reward(ing) Years (2000-beyond)

The 2000 LOM President Allan “Lan” Licera, also a JCI Training Institute PRIME Coaching Course graduate who distinguished himself as the first Junior Jaycee President and Alumnus to become the president of the “Twin Star” Jaycees came next. Following a colorful and achievement-filled Junior Jaycee career, he continued the tradition set by his predecessor, that is, the conduct of weekly General Membership Meetings. True to form, the membership increased not only in numbers but also in involvement as manifested in one of the GMM’s wherein attendance reached a record-high of 48 Jaycees. His commitment to the Jaycee Movement spurred him to work in the bringing back of the glory days and winning ways of the chapter, starting with the participation in the Jaycees bidbook competitions. He submitted two entries in the bidbook competitions held in Pagadian Mindanao Area Conference that year, with one bid in the Most Outstanding LOM Award Category garnering a Certificate of Merit. He also initiated the publication of the first ever LOM Publication, The Leader, which became the precursor of the award-winning General Santos “Twin Star” Jaycees LOM Publication, The General.

The year 2000 saw the LOM signing Twinning Agreements with Davao Jaycees and Linamon “Kulintang” Jaycees. He later on successfully chaired the Sisterhood Project of the LOM with another LOM in Virginia, USA – the Peninsula Jaycees of Virginia – the only Sister Chapter of General Santos “Twin Star” from another NOM. Exploring other opportunities in the Jaycees, he applied for and was accepted as a Bidbook Judge both in the 2003 Mindanao Area Conference held in Iligan City, and in the 2003 National Convention held in Tagaytay City. Before his joining the Tagaytay National Convention, in his desire to globalize the “Twin Star” Jaycees, he chaired the creation of the LOM website. One of the well-traveled presidents of the chapter, he has attended starting 1998, every National Convention and Area Conference of the Philippine Jaycees, and countless other ACM’s, RCM’s and inductions.

A fresh new breeze blew the chapter’s way in 2001, proclaiming the coming of the First Lady President of the Chapter, the 2000 Most Outstanding Jaycee of the Year, Mary Antonette “May Anne” Baltazar. Daughter to JCI Senator Tony, the lovely and winsome Prexy May Anne who is the LOM’s first graduate of the JCP Academy, tried to duplicate (and in fact surpassed) the achievements of her father in hosting a Mindanao Area Conference.

Playing host to the 2001 Mindanao Area Conference was by all means an outstanding feat even by national standard, as the 2001 MINDARCON will remain to be the most star-studded Jaycee Function Area V-Mindanao ever had. Attended by both business and political luminaries like the Junior Chamber International’s two World Presidents, JCI Senator Crispin Dy (who conducted the Naked Leadership Seminar) and JCI Senator Chichos Luciano, and a host of Past National Presidents, and countless other national political figures including then Secretary of National Defense, Secretary Angelo Reyes (conducted a Leadership Seminar), the MINDARCON indeed was an affair to be remembered for years. Some sidelights of her Presidency were a number of chapter extensions (Mlang “Tamlang” Jaycees, Tulunan “Tamaraw” Jaycees, Kidapawan “Kutang-bato Jaycees) and the revivals (Makilala “Hot Springs” Jaycees and Matalam “Sugar” Jaycees) of chapters here in Southern Mindanao. Prexy May Anne also inked a Sisterhood Agreement with the Kadayawan Jaycees of Davao during her term.

The year 2002, following the successful hosting of Mindanao Area Conference would portend of the new heights the chapter would reach in the coming years, in the face of the peculiar disposition of a growing and bolder chapter, and the unique challenge of a fast maturing membership and the desire of some LOM leaders to throw their hats in the Philippine Jaycees political arena. As fate would have it, the 2002 LOM President Jose “Jolas” Lasalita, Jr., another former Junior Jaycee President, and the 1997 Most Outstanding Jaycee of the Year, was readily put to test on this very crucial LOM concern – only after weathering a stormy election.

The LOM’s second graduate of the JCP Academy, who is a Jaycee Regional Trainor, a one-time Area V-Mindanao Director, the Editor-in-Chief and/or Editorial Consultant to the award-winning LOM Publication, The General, Prexy Jolas set his sights on the things that the LOM has never tried to do – like conducting a humanitarian cum free medical and dental mission across the sea – in Balut Island. Dubbed as Project Cheer, Care, Share, the sea-faring effort paid off as it garnered in the 2002 National Convention in Naga City the Certificate of Merit in the Best Humanitarian Mission Award. The year also started the string of successes and recognition for the LOM’s conduct of Jaycee Week. It was in the 2002 Mindanao Area Conference held in Davao City that the LOM first received it Most Outstanding Jaycee Week Award, starting a string of successes for the LOM in this category. During this year, the LOM Publication, The General, was also revived paving the way for the next president to follow his cue. Beyond the LOM’s conduct of various community and leadership development projects, and a successful twinning with the “Twin Star” Jaycees longtime allies, the Tacurong “Kampilan” Jaycees and the Isulan “Sultan” Jaycees, Prexy Jolas had to join National Treasurer JCI Senator Hans Chu in a number of his sorties all over the Philippines to campaign for LOM affiliation with the JCP National Organization. All of the LOM’s projects could never have become possible if not for the trainings and seminars he got from at least seven JCP national conventions and the same number of Mindanao area conferences, a JCI Asia-Pacific Conference in Pattaya, Thailand, and lots of other seminars way back in his Junior Jaycee days. The following year, Prexy Jolas was selected to be one of the Judges in the Bidbook Competitions of the 2003 National Convention held in Boracay.

One of the most eventful years in the “Twin Star” Jaycees happened in 2003. During this year, fate must have played truant with the “Twin Star” Jaycees when two erstwhile unpretentious officers of the chapter were catapulted to the LOM’s helm of leadership to share equal work and at the same time shining moments as their pet projects for the chapter were afterward recognized as the best in the Philippine Jaycees. Caesar “Amor” Capili, the 2003 Executive Vice-President and scion of a former member of Manila Jaycees, Cirilo Capili, became a reluctant presidential candidate to the 2003 election as he was scheduled to migrate to Manchester, United Kingdom in the middle of 2003. Eventually, he decided to take a shot at the chapter leadership, then helped craft a plan that would serve as the defining moment of the chapter. His Executive Vice-President, Ellie “Nonoi” Acuesta (Charter President of Junior Jaycees and also one of the longest serving Jaycees of the Chapter) who assumed his post when he ultimately migrated was an equally experienced and qualified replacement to Prexy Amor.

Their term garnered for the chapter The Best LOM Publication (The General) in the Mindanao Area Conference held in Iligan City, and in the National Convention held in Tagaytay City. Likewise, the PRO-Dog Project (an Anti-rabies Vaccination Drive, with more than 2,000 dogs vaccinated) enjoyed the same fate in the area and national levels as it became the runaway winner in the Public Safety Award category. The chapter also garnered the Major Award and Certificate of Merit in the Mindanao Area Conference and the National Convention, respectively, for Future of the Children Project (for BATMAN Returns!, with more than 300 kids circumcised). For the second straight year, our Jaycee Week became the hands down winner of the Major Award in the Mindanao Area Conference. The twinstarjcs.tripod.com, the General Santos “Twin Star” Jaycees official website was also lauched this year.

Another Junior Jaycee Alumni took over the reins of the chapter in the year 2004. President Sandro “Sonny” Sagalongos, a Jaycee veteran of more than ten years of leadership experience up his sleeves, he took on the challenge of leading the chapter like a duck thrown to the water. He started his term with a big bang when during his induction, the International Twinning Agreement of the LOM with another LOM in the United States of America, the Peninsula Jaycees of Virginia was announced. Through a phone patch, the then LOM President of the Peninsula Jaycees Swee Hart extended his congratulations to the new set of officers led by Prexy Sonny. Bucking the pressure of at least matching the extraordinary achievements his predecessors left him (this to him was the uncomfortable yardstick of his term), he rolled up his sleeves and went on to pursue a plan that was to define his leadership and the future of the LOM. At the end of his term, all his effort did not go to naught as the chapter yet again and for the third time bagged the Major Award for the Jaycee Week and for the second time, the Major Award for the Best LOM Publication (The General). The “Engkwentro 2004: A Candidate’s Forum” was also submitted in the Special Project Category, and the same snared the Certificate of Merit in the 2004 Mindanao Area Conference held in Dipolog City. A lone bid in the Individual Awards Category for the Most Outstanding Project Chairman of the “Engkwentro 2004” project was also submitted, and the same won handily in the said category. A number of other remarkable projects such as the “Iwas Sunog Program”, the “Reaching the Top Project” conducted in Brgy. T’morok at Mt. Matutum were also implemented during the year. In recognition of his leadership, the 2004 National Vice-President for Southern Mindanao appointed him as his Deputy National Vice-President for SOCSARGEN that same very year. In the 2004 National Convention in Boracay, “Engkwentro 2004” earned the Certificate of Merit for the chapter. Prexy Sonny ended his term with yet another bang when two contending parties vied for chapter leadership, this time with Ma. Cecilia “Ces” Salangsang coming out as the winner, and the second lady president of the chapter. Coming from a clan of a charter member, JC Ces focused on the conduct of various community projects for the orphans, streetchildren, and the aged. She collaborated with various government and civic entities to maximize the impact of her projects. She highlighted her term by hosting grandest 2005 Mindanao Area Council Meeting the Philippine Jaycees ever had. Attended by then NOM President JCI Senator Dennis Cunanan and two other Past National Presidents, the ACM boasted of a power house battery of speakers that included the charismatic and debonaire Past National President JCI Senator Boydee Dizon. Before her term ended, a looming election battle was predicted as a number of former officers and a new crop of young officers were almost at loggerheads over a number of issues concerning the chapter and its future. Anti-climactic as it seems, the 2005 election yielded yet another lady president, JCI Member Joan Salazar-Haresco, who was also a Past Junior Jaycee Commissioner and scion to past Jaycees, the Salazars. With a goal of leaving a legacy for her chapter, she intends to establish a stronger foundation for the chapter by ensuring the legal personality of the LOM, and establishing good JCI networks abroad. At this point, she is in contact with the Peninsula Jaycees, the Lincoln Jaycees, and other JCI LOMs in Malaysia, and elsewhere, to bring in more novel activities and projects to the chapter.

The concerted efforts of all the presidents have indeed brought us where we are now. The 57-long years of civic leadership are now a hallmark of Jaycee success.

To all the presidents who served, you have left the LOM a Legacy of Excellence.

The Golden Age (1997-1999)

The Golden Age of the General Santos “Twin Star” started when President Hanorio “Hans” Chu assumed the LOM Presidency in 1997. His Jaycee career became a long saga of trials and triumphs for the chapter and for him as Jaycee. The year was characterized by the abundance of Jaycee challenges that were fortunately overtaken by the Jaycee opportunities that came along the way. This phenomenon made JCI Senator Hans rise above the ordinary chaffs of grains, emerging later as one precious kernel – polished kernel the General Santos “Twin Star” Jaycees ever had. Thanks to his long training in the Jaycees, he was able to mold himself into becoming one of the foremost leaders of the Jaycee Movement, beginning with his stint as the National Vice-President for Southern Mindanao in 2001, National Treasurer in 2002, and the second man of the Philippine Jaycees as the National Senior Executive Vice-President in 2005. As the second top man of Philippine Jaycees, he has afforded the LOM and its membership not only the projects of the National Organization, but also the distinction for the LOM of being one of the best in the Philippine Jaycee firmament. As a Jaycee, he was able to join two Asia-Pacific Conferences (in Pattaya, Thailand, and in Kaoshiung, Taiwan), a host of national conventions and area conferences, and quite a number of ACMs, RCMs, inductions, and lots of other Jaycee functions such as the 2000 TOPP Awarding Ceremony held in Malacañang. Owing to his sterling performance (he emerged as the Philippine Jaycees Most Outstanding NVP in the year 2001, prudent management of the JCP funds when he was the 2002 National Treasurer), he caught the eye of several prominent Jaycees who on top of their being successful businessmen or women, were appointed as government officials working under the Office of the President. Consequently, he was tapped to serve as Regional Consultant of the National Youth Commission (NYC) in 2002, then appointed as the Office of the Presidential Assistant on Youth Affairs (OPAYA) Mindanao In-charge in 2004.

The “Golden Age” also started a trend of second generation Jaycees joining the Movement. Following the footsteps of his father, JC Nestor “Dondon” Panlaque Jr. rose to become a LOM President earning for himself the title of “second youngest president” of the LOM.

He was followed by yet another Jaycee stalwart who later on was elected as the National Vice-President for Southern Mindanao (in the year 2003). The 1999 LOM President Nestor “Nhes” Nolasco, the longest serving Jaycee of the chapter, a JCI Training Institute PRIME Coaching Course graduate, created a history of sorts in the LOM by introducing weekly GMM’s to the “Twin Star” Jaycees. Two years later, being one of the most mature Jaycees the chapter had at that point (and even at this time), he was put to task (and he gladly accepted the challenge) as the Area Conference Director of the 2001 Mindanao Area Conference. Under his first-rate captainship, the most fabulous, lavish, star-studded MINDARCON was realized. He ran unopposed as NVP for Southern Mindanao in 2003, and was appointed as the JCP National Chairman for Peace and Development a year later.

National Prominence, International Participation (1980-1996)

The eighties heralded the coming onto the leadership center stage of several prominent Jaycees to have served the chapter.

Antonio “Tony” Munda, a man who played a very significant role in shaping the destiny of the Jaycee Movement in Southern Mindanao became the 1980 President of our chapter. One of the most active and well-traveled Jaycees the chapter ever had having attended a number of JCI World Congresses, JCI Asia-Pacific Conferences and JCP National Conventions, JCI Senator Tony would always have the distinction of being the first ever National Officer the chapter has produced serving as the Philippine Jaycees 1981 National Chairman for the Voice of Democracy, and the 1982 National Vice-President for Southern Mindanao, these on top of being a JCP Certified Training the Trainors product.

He was followed by an equally dynamic leader, JCI Senator William Benigno “Boy” Aquino, who was appointed as the 1983 Deputy National Vice-President for Southern Mindanao, later ran and won as the National Vice-President for Southern Mindanao in 1987. JCI Senator Boy left a legacy in the Jaycees by the conduct of various projects more notable were “Operation Dugtong-Buhay and “Alay-Lakad 1981”, and in the SOCSARGEN as the Charter President of the General Santos Jaycees Senate. He left a mark in the “Twin Star” Jaycees as one of the most sought after Presidential Advisers the chapter ever had. Recognized for his contributions in the Jaycee Movement, he was a recipient of various awards either from the chapter, the area and the national organizations.

In 1982, the chapter was able to establish its own office. Located at Cookie Factory, J. Catolico Ave., it became the center of all Jaycee operation and activities. Edgardo “Ega” Abrazaldo, the 1982 LOM President was the man responsible for all of these. During his time, he was also able to strengthen and maintain the membership base of the chapter and prepared them for the leadership challenges ahead.

He was followed by another multi-talented and multi-awarded Jaycee, JCI Senator Loreto “Lars” Sevilla. Adjudged as the Most Outstanding LOM President in Mindanao in 1983, he was also a recipient of national awards such as the Most Outstanding Seminar Speaker in 1986, among others. JCI Senator Lars later on became Area Conference Director when the LOM hosted the 1988 Mindanao Area Conference.

Another achiever rose from the ranks of the officers a year later. JCI Senator Antonio “Tony” Evangelista, the 1984 LOM President distinguished himself as one of the most sought after speakers on leadership development being a Certified Training the Trainors graduate himself.

Waving the banner for the chapter the following year was the 1985 LOM President Orlando “Lando” Manaluz. More than his killer good looks, he established himself as one of the most awarded Jaycees of the chapter having won the Most Outstanding LOM President, Most Outstanding LOM and other three major awards in the 1985 Mindanao Area. President Lando took care of the LOM’s corporate identity by renaming the LOM General Santos “Twin Star” Jaycees. Correspondingly, a logo was also unveiled, one which truly represented the locale. All of these were made possible courtesy of one up-coming Jaycee leader, JC Boying Panlaque. It was also during this time that the LOM was able to ink a Sisterhood Agreement with the Tagum “Green Pearl” Jaycees.

Skillfully carving his own destiny not only the Jaycees but in his profession and craft as well, JCI Senator Dominador “Dom” Dizon, a good and eloquent speaker who had proven so many a times that he could always walk his talk became one of the most prolific award winners for the chapter, garnering 12 major awards in several categories including the Most Outstanding LOM and Most Outstanding LOM President in the 1986 Mindanao Area Conference.

Year 1987 lent witness to one of the most hotly contested elections the chapter ever had with JCI Senator Carmelo “Boying” Panlaque emerging as the winning President. Loved for his sense of humor, he was also equal to the challenge of leading the LOM. During his stint as president, he was able to conduct a number of projects most noted of which were Project SAGA(Sariling Ating Gamot), Jayceerette Basic Leadership Seminar, and extension of a new LOM in Tupi.

He was followed by JCI Senator Antonio “Tony” Baltazar whose good-natured ways and charming personality became his most potent and sharpest tools at leading the chapter, even to the point of winning his most critical detractors to his side, making them work with him, and letting them enjoy the process. Twice a president (in 1988 and 1990), the Chief Architect in the chapter’s hosting of the 1988 is considered one of the pillars of the Jaycee Movement in Southern Mindanao. JCI Senator Tony also initiated the founding the General Santos “Twin Star” Junior Jaycees by making it a project of one of the up and coming Baby Jaycee, Richard Ladublan. In his second term in 1990, Prexy Tony opened the General Santos “Twin Star” Jaycees to lady professionals.

The year 1989 saw Fernando “Nanding” Figueroa serving as the chapter president. As a President, he was able to participate in various seminars, inductions, conferences and other Jaycee functions in the region, area and national level.

A dashing debonair became the 1991 chapter president. Preparing and strengthening the LOM for the challenges ahead became the rule of the thumb during his term. He focused on membership retention while making headway also in recruiting bright and potential professionals into the Jaycee fold. President Armando “Bobot” Mapalo would always be remembered to have produced at least five would-be presidents.

President Zaldy “Zalds” Sentina came next. One of the friendliest and most unassuming presidents the chapter ever had, Prexy Zalds would always be remembered for his commitment to the Jaycee Movement as manifested by his almost unequivocal support to the then flourishing Junior Jaycees in the city.

In 1993, the Godfather of the Junior Jaycees Richard “Dem” Ladublan took his turn at chapter leadership. A pleasant Junior Jaycee patron with an affable manner, Prexy Dem or Nonoy as he fondly called by his friends, played host to the Mindanao Area Council Meeting which was held in Tropicana Resort. Giving the Junior Jaycees the further needed push, Prexy Nonoy was instrumental in the awards received by the Junior Jaycees in their national convention. He was also able to attend the 1991 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference which was held in Cebu. His lone bidbook entry in Special Projects Category for the hosting of the ACM garnered a Certificate of Merit. A year after, in recognition of his leadership, the then NVP appointed him as the Deputy National Vice-President for Southern Mindanao.

A bid to host the Philippine Jaycees National Convention became the landmark of the 1994 LOM President Alberto “Boy” Olermo. An accomplished investment counselor, and effective seminar resource person, JC Boy focused his sights on making the chapter work as a corporate team. He was quite successful in this as he was able to recruit more Jaycees from the fold of the professionals and businessmen. He was part of the LOM’s three-man delegation to the 1997 Asia-Pacific Conference held in Pattaya, Thailand.

President Noel “Noel” Barroso became the LOM’s 1995 and 1996 president. Being at the threshold of his Jaycee career did not inhibit Prexy Noel to further serve his chapter where he once worked for a long time as a Baby Jaycee, a Regular Jaycee, and an officer. Fond of molding the youth into becoming better citizens, he accompanied the Junior Jaycees in its quest to invite more students into the Movement, either acting as seminar speaker or giving message or inspirations to the student-recruits.

The Political Era: Establishing General Santos Jaycees as an Institution (1973-1979)

1973 saw the rising to the LOM Presidency of a very distinguished young man who was erstwhile called Mr. Jaycee. Considered as the moving spirit of Jaycee leadership for more than two decades, JCI Senator Nestor C. Panlaque became twice the president of General Santos “Twin Star” Jaycees. It was this year when the chapter gained prominence by hosting its first ever National Jaycee function – the 5th Mindanao-Joint Regional Jaycee Convention. He later on became the vice-president of the General Santos Jaycee Senate and earned himself the distinction of being one of the most awarded Jaycee members of the LOM.

Following the footsteps of an illustrious Jaycee personality was another Jaycee who was an activist, a member of the Constitutional Convention, and who almost became the first national officer of the chapter having been invited to be the Auditor-General of by then National President Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte. Domingo Chi, the 1974 LOM President, a survivor of a well-fought LOM election, however, had to let go of this opportunity as he was by that time working in one of the most prominent and so demanding of time multi-national company.

President Doming’s term was followed by that of Florante “Boy” de Castro whose term was characterized by the members becoming more political in their approach at leadership. He was succeeded by Alawi “Al” Alhabsi (1976) who was able to maintain the strength and stature of the LOM. A lawyer, Rogelio “Bicbic” Garcia assumed the chapter’s top post in 1977. He was followed by the sons of prominent families, Arturo “Art” Llido who served the LOM from January to June of 1978, and Roman “Romy” Salazar who served the remaining Jaycee term. All these years, politics became the by-word.

Moving Forward (1965-1972)

In 1965, Jesus “Love” Mendoza revived the Jaycees in this part of the world and took hold of the reins of the chapter’s leadership for two years, making sure that the chapter would not anymore suffer any setback. This time with a new name of General Santos Jaycees, started to leave its mark in civic leadership by the conduct of various socio and civic projects in the city. Gervacio “Moret” Posadas assumed his post in 1967 serving as the third president of the chapter. By this time, the chapter had already overcome its growing pains and started to see the annual election and induction of officers after employing the strategy of organizing and involving the Jayceebelles (wives of Jaycees) in the affairs of the LOM. The following year saw Ignacio “Nacio” Chiong in the chapter’s top post doing his own contribution at making the chapter stronger in terms of quality of members. He was followed by the dynamic live wire Antonio “Bing” Santos who became the 1969 LOM President.

In 1970, the term was halved by Augusto “Tuting” Santillan who served from January to October, and Romeo “Romy” Genito. JC Tuting known as Mr. Parliamentarian of the Jaycee Movement and a no-nonsense president conducted a number of projects in his short stint as LOM President of “Twin Star”, among which are Philippine Constitutional Amendment Barrio-Barrio Seminar, Price Control Conference, and the Inter-Civic Club Summer Tournament, among others. On the other hand, President Romy later on earned the distinction as the founder of Panabo Jaycees when he became instrumental in the chartering of the Panabo LOM when his work and business interests compelled him to transfer there.

Judge Orlando “Orly” Oco became the LOM’s 1971 president. President Orly was one of the General Santos Jaycees “1965 revival” members whose experience and leadership abilities showed proof that indeed the chapter has a deeper bench. He was followed by Amable “Abling” Mallari whose term presaged the unfolding of a colorful “political age” of the chapter.

The Dawning of Jaycees in Southern Mindanao (1949-1964)

Junior Chamber International Philippines-General Santos “Twin Star” traces its roots in July, 1949 when a group of zestful young men gathered at the defunct Pioneer Café in Lagao to discuss the formation of a Jaycee chapter. The original name of the chapter then was KORONADAL JAYCEES whose area of jurisdiction comprised Koronadal Valley which included what are presently the General Santos City and the whole of the Allah Valley.

Organized by the Davao Jaycees and under the tutelage and guidance of Atty. Ramon Morada, the Charter President of the Davao Jaycees, the election of officers was subsequently held with Dr. Jorge P Royeca emerging as the President, Mr. Marcial Pons, as Vice-President, Atty. Jose Mandac, as Secretary, and Mr. Rustico Nograles, as Treasurer. This set of officers formed the governing body of the organization as Board of Directors.

The founders and original members of the KORONADAL JAYCEES included Candido Du, Eladio Francisco, Vic Pasiliao, Jose Tiongson, Rafael C. Aquino (Sustaining), Don Joaquin Natividad (Sustaining), Mamerto Natividad, Eladio Francisco, Ching Alburo, Ben Francisco, Francisco Leoncio, Jess Capareda, Honorio Ariola, Julian C. Roque (Sustaining), and Gregorio Henares (Sustaining), and Rafael C. Aquino, Sr.

This ragtag group of Jaycees literally rolled up their sleeves to conduct the first project of the Chapter – the filling up of the one-kilometer stretch of low and muddy portion of the Lagao Road. With nothing but picks and shovels, and a lot of youthful Jaycee spirit, they finished the job in two months time.

JCI General Santos “Twin Star” 2021 Board of Directors

Elaine C. Salazar

Elaine C. Salazar


Mark Anthony R. Ty

Mark Anthony R. Ty

Executive Vice President

Jowenie Joy P. Dechilla

Jowenie Joy P. Dechilla


Ma. Reishelle M. Salazar

Ma. Reishelle M. Salazar


Richelyn A. Gubalani

Richelyn A. Gubalani


Mithus M. Repizo

Mithus M. Repizo

VP Business

Momar G. Gandil

Momar G. Gandil

VP Community

Ricardo Vicente P. Narvaiza

Ricardo Vicente P. Narvaiza

VP Individual

Harlem Jude P. Ferolino

Harlem Jude P. Ferolino

VP Internationalism

Gauise T. Lapuz

Gauise T. Lapuz

Skills Development Director